TOKYO - OIL jumped to a record near $112 (S$154.40) a barrel onMonday, as a surprise weekend cut in the Federal Reserve discountrate and the fire sale of stricken US investment bank Bear Stearns sentthe dollar to all-time lows......Read more

   KUALA LUMPUR - MALAYSIAN crude palm oil futures soared 5.7 percent on Wednesday to near a two-week high as concerns of tight globaloilseed supplies spurred investors to buy after last week's sell-off.......Read more

   MANILA -PHILIPPINE farmers yesterday warned of soaring rice prices, a result of a shortage in supply that is taking place locally andworldwide.......Read more

   LONDON - OIL prices jumped above 107 dollars (S$148) a barrel onThursday when concern about tight supplies increased on news thatsaboteurs had blown up a major Iraqi export pipeline, traders said.......Read more

   BANGKOK - RICE prices soared to all-time highs this week, promptinga scramble among Asia's producing countries to assure their ownsupplies.......Read more

   EAST Asian nations must act promptly to ease the burden of mountingfood and fuel prices on the region's poor, the World Bank said. Inflationposes a greater challenge to the region's economies than the currentfinancial turmoil, it said.......Read more

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